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To Mowsbury Hillfort and Putnoe Wood

This site covers both Mowsbury Hillfort and Putnoe Wood plus information, views and news for Bedford and surounding area. Revelant information related to Mowsbury Hillfort and Putnoe Wood is shared with

Putnoe Wood covers an approximate area of 10.5 hectares and lies just below Mowsbury Hillfort and Mowsbury Hill Meadow at Ravensden. The wood is now less than 10% of what is was when the area was mentioned in the Domesday Book and before that when a Scandinavian named Putta settled there.

Mowsbury Hillfort Rises commandingly above the driving range at Mowsbury golf course and is approximately seven acres in size, the best preserved of only 10 univallate hillforts in Bedfordshire, a single line of defenses, one bank and ditch.

Both sites support a rich diversity of wild life and plants as well as being of historical interest. They are owned and managed by Bedford Borough Council  having been bought in the mid twentieth century with the proceeds of the sale of the present Midland Road railway station site.

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